Sri Lankan Delegation to visit Pakistan

GAS Subsidy in Pakistan

They have successfully gotten Rs31 billion worth of sponsorship on gas usage. The higher gas gift has put the entire dissolved oil gas (LNG) creation network in harm’s way.

By and by, the Petroleum Division is searching for underwriting of a profitable honor of Rs72 billion to clear the sponsorship bill of the ware focused regions. These organizations consolidate material including jute, mats, calfskin, sports items and cautious instruments.

Additionally, the Petroleum Division is mentioning Rs11 billion in fortifying honor to cover the allotment given to two fertilizer plants.

Regardless the sponsorship given to the exchanging regions, billions of rupees worth of financed gas is given to two fertilizer establishes dismissing confirmed aggregating by the manure business.

The public authority has uncovered that the gas assignment to exchanging endeavors was being manhandled as those units, which were not conveying their things, were in like manner getting the financed gas.

As shown by the submitted claims, the past due appointment stayed at Rs31.335 billion up to November 2021, which included Rs7.63 billion proceeded from FY21.

The public authority has expanded the surveyed gift for December 2021 to June 2022 at Rs41 billion.The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the agency, in its social occasion on August 16, 2021, considered a once-over set up by the Commerce Division for the continuation of concessionary speeds of force and regasified LNG for the critical product regions.

It embraced the suggestion that called for game plan of RLNG at $6.5 per million British warm units (mmbtu) to the conveying ventures in financial year 2021-22.


It said that the Finance Division may give a money related liability that additional resources, at whatever point required, by the Power Division and Petroleum Division would be given to continue with the restricted energy rates for the exporters.

Regardless, the Ministry of Energy may tell the appropriate administrations about the financial situation on schedule with the objective that the Commerce Division may put an overview for the piece of an invaluable honor for the ECC’s idea.

A while later, the public authority agency, in its get-together held tight November 9, 2021, assessed an overview introduced by the Petroleum Division and embraced a change in the obligation of $6.5 per mmbtu for the prisoner power plants (self-power time) of item regions to $9 per unit for the period November 15, 2021 to March 31, 2022.However, the current duty of $6.5 per mmbtu would continue to be applied to the product regions for gas/RLNG use in taking care of (general present day use) figuratively speaking.

The public authority had set a spending plan of Rs10 billion for the current money related year to fulfill the need of Petroleum Division for the course of action of sponsorship to the item arranged (zero-assessed) adventures.

Two fertilizer manufacturing plants were getting 70 million cubic feet every day (mmcfd) of RLNG at the supported speed of Rs805 per mmbtu while the exhorted RLNG charge for December 2021 was $12.6238 (or Rs2,200) per unit. As per the ECC’s decision, these plants would work till January 2022.

The uncommon sponsorship ensure against RLNG supply for the period June-November 2021 was Rs10.963 billion.

  1. If these plants continue to manage December 2021 and January 2022, a normal sponsorship of Rs6.445 billion will be required regardless the unfulfilled commitments.
  2. The Ministry of Industries and Production has a monetary arrangement of just Rs6 billion against the full scale appointment essential of Rs17.408 billion.

It is vital for highlight that Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) purchases LNG from Pakistan State Oil and Pakistan LNG Limited, which gain the gas from overall suppliers.

Keeping an eye on a social occasion at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Thursday, the specialist zeroed in on that the arrangement would examine the shot at redesigning trade and theory appends with Pakistani accomplices other than researching streets in the movement business region.



Sri Lankan Delegation to visit Pakistan

“Most Sri Lankan travelers, who reliably visit India and Nepal, are very little aware of the chronicled areas in Pakistan,” he said.

He searched for the chamber’s cooperation in getting sorted out business-to-meetings during the visit of the assignment.

He named exchange of trade tasks “only way” to additionally foster trade and theory ties between the various sides and urged KCCI to coordinate a relative assignment to Sri Lanka.

He was of the view that there was a monstrous potential to lift two-way trade and adventure.
Refering to estimations, he raised that the country’s products to Sri Lanka stayed at $324.7 million during the year 2020 while imports from Sri Lanka were recorded at $78.9 million, he added.

“The genuine trade potential is significantly higher than whatever the current estimations reveal and still hanging out there to tap it with get attempts and close coordination along with the Sri Lankan side,” he highlighted.



  • Talking with The Express Tribune, Arif Habib Commodities CEO Ahsan Mehanti underlined that Sri Lanka was a critical item market for cultivation and worth added things.
  • He voiced assumption that a gigantic number of Sri Lankan associations would check out ‘My Karachi Exhibition’ which was wanted to be held at Karachi Expo Center from February 11 to 13, 2022.
  • On the occasion, KCCI President Muhammad Idrees ensured the specialist that his chamber would welcome and work with the assignment during its moving toward visit to Karachi by straightening out business-to-meetings.

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